Recreation area Izletiste Jadro - Solin (near Split)

The history of Solin, Split and the surrounding area is connected with the Jadro river, which is rich in drinking water, and this significance has been maintained until today. The river Jadro, which rises at the foot of Mosor, was and remains an important source of water for the surrounding population and settlements.
Recreation area "Izletište Jadro" - Solin (near Split)
The history of Solin, Split and the surrounding area is connected with the Jadro river, which is rich in drinking water, and this significance has been maintained until today. The river Jadro, which rises at the foot of Mosor, was and remains an important source of water for the surrounding population and settlements.
In addition to the plant and animal species that adorn the Jadro River, many valuable monuments of ancient and Croatian history and natural and industrial heritage of the recent era have been created. All these motifs of the Jadro river are included in the recreation area/project "Izletište Jadro" - the source of life. The recreation area unites the economic, cultural and natural wealth that this river brought throughout history to the greatest cultures that lived along and around it and preserved it in its original form.
As an inexhaustible inspiration, she earned the main role of a storyteller who tells the story in the first person, starting from the very beginnings, all the way to today's modern days, and guides visitors through all the corners of time that she witnessed. This very symbolism of an uninterrupted flow, which was there long before us and will be there for a long time after us, is a link that tells us a story with a line that creates the most different shapes and leads you through different contents in a new and interesting way.
The Jadro River, like life itself, sometimes moderate and mild, and sometimes unpredictable and complex, is a line and a symbol of time that has remained preserved through the centuries and will be here for a long time as a valuable legacy that we preserve from oblivion for all those who will discover the historical and the cultural greatness of this small river.
We organize for you a visit to the recreational area "Izletište Jadro" as part of our excursions:
1. Salona and Klis fortress from Split,
2. Excursion to Kliska Fortress, Sinj and Around the World (source of the Cetina River) from Split
Also as part of our organized activities:
1. zipline adventure on Kozjak *as an option
2. Quad adventure on Čiovo *as an option
Or for your special events that we organize on request
- proposals, romantic trips, trips with a photo-excursion experience and everything where you want to combine this little piece of paradise
As part of the recreational area "Izletište Jadro" in the restaurant Gastro kutak Jadro, we organize weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, team building gatherings, group trips for schoolchildren, clubs and similar events for you.
4 large outdoor grills with a table for 20 people (if necessary, it is possible to organize more places), picnic baskets and blankets ready for everyone who likes to eat in nature
1. GASTRO KUTAK JADRO - Meet the new pearl of gastronomy!
Surrounded by untouched nature, Gastro corner Jadro is located right next to the source of the river Jadro, in the recreation area itself, where you can relax and enjoy the gastronomic abundance!
Would you like a picnic in nature, surrounded by the beauty of the source of the Jadro river? - welcome to Gastro corner Jadro
The menu stands out for its wealth of diverse dishes prepared from fresh and high-quality ingredients, all you have to do is indulge yourself and enjoy every bite!
It's time for a gastronomic adventure that you will remember for a long time...
The visitor center, located in a single-story building with a flat green roof, has a multimedia hall and a basement with a hatchery for soft-mouth trout, an endangered endemic species of this area.
Green technology applications have been installed in the center, which, in addition to educational content, also have the purpose of preserving the environment. Modern technology makes it possible to monitor the number of visitors so as not to burden the system and endanger the flora and fauna of the picnic area.
In the center's multimedia hall, there is a Kids Corner, interactive content adapted to the education of children, as well as a film and application intended for adults about ecology and nature conservation and the Jadro river itself.
A tactile path leads from the orientation panel at the entrance to the recreation area to the visitor center, which allows easier access for visually impaired and blind people, and people with reduced mobility are provided with access to all facilities with the help of an inclined lifting platform.
Soft-shelled trout is an endangered species, so the existence of an artificial hatchery contributes significantly to efforts to preserve this endemic species. Immediately before spawning, which takes place during February and March, the queens are fished out of the river and placed in pools that, with natural substrate and plants, imitate the natural environment of the Jadro River.
Trout are kept through all developmental stages of fry, from fertilized eggs to young fish when they return to their natural habitat.
Visitors in smaller groups can see the entire development process with a presentation of spawning and, in general, softmouth trout.
A World War II war bunker has been converted into a softmouth trout interpretation center. On the walls are displayed information boards about the Solinka soft-mouth trout, and tactile exhibits simulating trout are also available.
There is also a mulitouch table with a display of the flow of the Jadro River and interactive applications, and in the dome of the bunker there is a special immersive space with a nature periscope and a "walk on water" application.
Knowledge platforms, as parts of a mosaic that contain a complete story about the river, its region and its inhabitants, about the shared past and present, ten "knowledge platforms" stretch along the educational path within the picnic area. They contain texts and photographs on the topics of natural, cultural and industrial heritage.
Off-road panels
Imaginative panels, distributed around the picnic area and along the forest paths, tell a different, somewhat unusual history. On them, the warm and peculiar anecdotes of the river and its inhabitants from the surrounding settlements have been preserved from oblivion.
Additional leisure facilities
As part of the park, there is a restaurant Gastro kutak Jadro, a bocce court, a children's playground and weather stations, and there are also hiking trails through the forest for those who want to further explore the natural beauty of the Jadro area.
- guided tour of the "Izletište Jadro"
- breakfast, lunch or dinner in a restaurant at the picnic area
- organize a picnic at the picnic area, order/reserve a picnic basket and a blanket
- outdoor grill with a table on a small island at the "Jadro excursion"
- playground for ballots (with lunch)



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