Правила и условия Enjoy Split, словия покупки и правила

The user of our services (guest or traveler), hereinafter referred to as "BUYER", creates a reservation or transfer fee for a transfer, excursion, activity, accommodation or rental on the ENJOY SPLIT jdoo website, in the further text ENJOY SPLIT, and payout redirected to a secure and licensed site (GPN ) by filling out the foreseen form.
When booking or purchasing, the buyer is obliged to enter all the information requested from him in the reservation or purchase form.
By reservation or purchase request, the buyer acknowledges that he has previously read the General Terms and Privacy Policy as well as these Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Policy and agrees to it.
In a few simple steps you can book or make a payment for transfer services, excursions, activities, accommodations or rentals for your vacation from the comfort of your home.
Follow the following steps to book or purchase:
1.discovery and selection of services
At www.enjoysplit.hr, the choice of desired services is maximized.
 Choice of services in two ways.
1.From TRANSFER, DAILY EXCURSIONS, ACCOMMODATION, ACTIVE HOLIDAY, or UNIQUE ... and entering data on the main search engine on the front page.
2. By entering the selected service at the top of the home page, the page with the search engine opens for the desired service where you enter the information.
By activating the search engine in any mode, a page with the desired service will appear. The page contains the contact form for booking and the option of choosing a payment service.
2. Availability and cost calculation
Select a period for the desired service, then enter the information about yourself. If the service selected is available, the system will show the final price, after which you can make an online reservation or payment service. In exceptional cases reservation or payment is only possible after confirmation by our operator (within 24 hours).
3. payment and booking confirmation - voucher
To pay for the selected service, you will be redirected to a secure licensed payment page. Only after your payment is made, your reservation is valid. If you need confirmation from our carrier, you will receive a certificate or an alternative offer within 24 hours. Only after your payment, your reservation is valid. After your payment, you will receive a mail (attached voucher that needs to be printed in A4 format) as confirmation of your reservation. All voucher details clearly show all reservation information: the customer's name of the service, the service, the service provider's data, the date of execution of the service, the amount you paid as well as our data. The Buyer acknowledges that he is fully acquainted with all the details and conditions under which a particular service is offered and that he understands and accepts all that is stated in the General Terms and Conditions, that is, it is a legal obligation both for Customer Services and ENJOY SPLIT.
Payment of the reservation can be made by bank transfer or CREDIT CARD.
The contract price includes all taxes and fees in the Republic of Croatia for payment by wire transfer.
On www.enjoysplit.hr the prices are expressed in Euros, and all payments will be made in Croatian currency. Before paying the final price, it will be converted into Croatian Kuna. The amount to be charged is obtained through the conversion of prices in Euro to the Croatian kuna at the current exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank. As a result of this conversion, there is a slight difference from the original price quoted on our web site.
In order to finally confirm the reservation request made, the customer pays an advance payment in accordance with the pre-invoice amount - 30% of the total value within 24 hours (excluding Saturday and Sunday). The remaining amount to the total value of the reservation the customer will pay to the bank account ENJOY SPLIT no later than 31 days before arrival.
In case of reservations for services that are shorter than 30 days for accommodation and rent of the boat or 15 days for transfer, excursion or activity, and prior to the arrival of the customer service (the beginning of the use of the reservation) is required upon booking confirmation to pay 100% (full amount). The remaining amount for each service will be payable directly to the service provider on the day of arrival, depending on the terms that ENJOY SPLIT has contracted with the service provider, which will be listed for each service separately.
For foreign payments (currency account)
Buyer-payer: Name and surname of the reservation holder with the address of the dwelling
Recipient: Enjoy Split j.d.o.o travel agency, Biogradska 2, 21000 Split, Croatia
IBAN - HR7523400091110852385
For payments in kuna within Croatia
Buyer-payer: Name and surname of the reservation holder with the address of the dwelling
Recipient: Enjoy Split j.d.o.o travel agency, Biogradska 2, 21000 Split, Croatia
IBAN - HR7523400091110852385
If you want to pay your bank transfer payment, you will need to pay the required amount within 24 hours of the online reservation.
A buyer's obligation immediately after the payment is forwarded to ENJOY SPLIT a copy of the bank transfer, a confirmation of the executed bank transaction (from abroad SWIFT), after which he will receive the voucher from ENJOY SPLIT. Otherwise, ENJOY SPLIT is not required to make a reservation for the service.
ENJOY SPLIT is not responsible for any unreported reservation of services due to delays in delivery of the certificate within 24 hours (except Saturday, Sunday and holidays).
 All bank charges are borne by the buyer (accordingly the bank payment must write OUR in the "cost options" field). If you pay immediately before your stay begins - please note that 5 business days are required for payments from abroad or 3 business days for bank transfer payments within Croatia.
ENJOY SPLIT does not respond to the availability of services confirmed after the expiry of the option assigned to confirm the reservation (the time period until the payment receipt has to be submitted).
Upon payment the customer confirms that he is fully acquainted with all the features and conditions under which certain services are offered. By making a reservation, all that is stated in the General Terms and Privacy Policy and in these Terms of Purchase and Rules becomes a legal obligation both for Customer Service and for ENJOY SPLIT.
The prices posted on the ENJOY SPLIT website are particularly prominent with each service or accommodation unit.
Prices of services or accommodation units are published in euros (€). The equivalent value of the paid service will be reflected in the account.
The above rates of service or accommodation include only those services listed with the selected service or accommodation unit.
Additional services are those services provided by transfers, excursions, activities or in the accommodation unit and are not included in the price of the defined service and therefore the customer is paid specially.
If ENJOY SPLIT has a price list for additional services, it publishes it on the web site. Most additional services are paid by the customer directly to the service provider, while some pay upon confirmation of the reservation. The customer is obliged to apply for all the additional services they require when making a reservation request.
Although most optional services are optional, there are also binding ones (eg extra-boat-to-facility) which the customer pays on site directly to the service provider.
In rare cases, before the start of rented accommodation, the customer must directly pay the deposit to cashier in cash. The deposit serves as a guarantee to the service provider that the buyer (guest) in the rented accommodation will not incur damage. On the day of departure, the buyer (guest) will be returned the deposit in full, but only after the service provider has previously determined that the buyer (guest) leased the surrender to the state in which he took it.
ENJOY SPLIT reserves the right to change the prices published on the internet site until the time of sending the buyer pre-invoice.
By submitting an estimate, ENJOY SPLIT guarantees to the buyer that a reserved transfer, excursion, activity, accommodation or rental is available at the price calculated in the pre-invoice.
ENJOY SPLIT travel agency, Biogradska 2, 21000 Split, Croatia
OIB: 85915559627
MB: 4685881
ID: HR-AB-060360634

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